59yr old Fake doctor arrested during abortion on 17-year-old final year SHS student

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Fifty-nine-year-old fake doctor who has operated for over 20 years has been grabbed by the Kwabenya District Police with the help of Medical and Dental Council.

Kenneth Kwame Kwarteng was apprehended during one of his abortion operations on a seventeen (17) year old Senior High School final year student with a seven weeks old pregnancy.

Speaking to journalists at his clinic at Ashongman Estate Last Stop, the fake doctor who claims to be a trained nurse accepted he has been operating illegally for over 2 decades with no permanent staff members. He works alone without the assistance of a nurse, a laboratory technician or any auxiliary staff members. he does not keep records of his clients.

According to Kenneth Kwame Kwarteng, he performs at least three abortions a year, with the assistance of six part-time workers.

Upon arrival of the Police, representatives of Medical and Dental Council and journalists, no better hospital equipment were spotted in the clinic

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